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Livemusik: Alex Kozmidi live in Berlin

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21:00 - 23:00

Eintritt: Free entry - it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.


Peppi Guggenheim
Weichselstrasse 7
12043 Berlin

Alex Kozmidi is known on the Berlin underground jam circle as a cocky brilliant guitarist, be it jazz, blues, rock, or experimental soundscapes. He had built quite a name for himself as an admirable stage-jumper or/and a featured soloist with other leaders. Less known, an insider’s tip, is the fact that this Odessa, Ukraine-born aged wunderkind is also a serious composer.

Is Kozmidi a guitar preacher, an cosmonaut, a hypnotist or a superhero, has always been unclear. But no matter the status, this alien specie has always been meant to create a vehicle to channel his incredible extraterrestrial „kozmic harmonies“. And finally, lo and behold, he is eager to please. Careful with that beam, sonny boy!

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