Livemusik: Tommaso Troncon Project live in Berlin

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20:00 - 22:00

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Peppi Guggenheim
Weichselstrasse 7
12043 Berlin

Tommaso Troncon is an italian saxophonist and composer living in Berlin.

The artistic need to achieve spirituality pushes Tommaso Troncon’s compositions and playing towards a deep concentration and a strong intensity of performance with a special interplay supported by the extraordinary musicians of the band Chris Pruden on Piano, Louis Navarro on Double Bass and Philip Dornbusch on Drums .

The quartet proposes a repertoire of original compositions and some re-arranged Jazz Standards ranging from the tradition to the contemporary style.

Tommaso Troncon – Tenor Sax
Chris Pruden – Piano
Louis Navarro – Bass
Philip Dornbusch – Drums

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