Young Old Men

Livemusik: Young Old Men live in Berlin

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20:00 - 22:00

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Peppi Guggenheim
Weichselstrasse 7
12043 Berlin

Nicolas FAHY – cello / voice
Fabrizio LUCCITTI – guitar / voice

The band celebrates the Americana music, the american folk, & the blues. It draws its inspiration from the great outdoors, canyons, deserts and asphalt ribbons. On the back of an Appaloosa, a Mustang or a Tennessee Stud, our buddies gallop through the melodies. They meet bandits and vagabonds, cowboys and poker players. They will cross the road to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Doc Watson, Townes Van Zandt and many others.
The traditional repertoire is full of goldnuggets, sometimes forgotten by the people. Young Old Men dusted leather, and shines the chromes.

Push your Stetson, climb aboard a Pontiac Firebird or a Mack Truck and fasten your seatbelt!
„It’s time to put the hammer down! „

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